In the past few years, we received multiple inquiries from schools and coaches on how to embed our award-winning lessons into their websites.  As school internet security policies are quite strict, deeply integrating the system would make it a lot easier for students to reach the courses.

In EmYL the order of the lessons can be customized, and students can access them directly from the coach’s website. The solution still runs on the LearningChess servers, so no extra resources (server time, bandwidth, backup) are needed by the coaches.

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Te jössz! oldalunkon tíz ingyenes leckepárt találsz, amelyekben a sakklépések elsajátítása mellett számos logikai fejtörővel és játékkal is találkozol. Célunk a fejlesztés, a tanulás színesítése és élményszerűvé tétele volt.

A programhoz szorosan kapcsolódik a “Gondolkodj és nyerj! verseny, havonta új feladattal. A sikeres beküldők között ajándékokat sorsolunk ki.

A verseny lezárult, de az izgalmas feladatokat még most is meg lehet nézni. Köszönjük a rengeteg beküldött megoldást. A verseny győztesének bemutatkozása itt olvasható.

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Welcome to LearningChess Free for Schools Program info page for the 2018/19 school year.

More than 40.000 children studied worldwide with LearningChess for free in our different scholastic programs in the last years.

We gladly inform you that LearningChess owners extend the ongoing charity program to the 2018/19 school year for underprivileged schools.

Our motto is: “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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We’re updating our Privacy Policy

Hello Chess Fan,

You’ve probably been receiving lots of emails from companies notifying you of updates to privacy policies because of changes to EU data protection laws (GDPR).

We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to:

  • Give you more clear and detailed information about your collective rights and responsibilities with respect to your privacy and personal information.
  • Make it easier for you to control the information you provide us. You’ll see that our policy explains your choices about this.
  • Provide more detail about the measures we have in place to keep your personal information secure.

You can read the full text of our Privacy Policy here.

The updated Privacy Policy automatically comes into effect for all LearningChess users on 25 May 2018. So your continued use of the LearningChess sites from that date will be subject to it.

Thanks again for being part of the LearningChess community!


We would like to introduce a remarkable book about a new and unusual area where chess can be also used as a development tool. The author is Carl Portman, the English Chess Federation’s Manager of Chess in Prisons. In 2015 he was awarded the ECF President’s award for services to chess.

Yes, this area is the chess in prisons. Is it surprising? Not after reading the book!

The author, Carl Portman and Victoria Prentis
who supports Carl in his work in prisons.

Chess Behind Bars offers a guide to chess in prisons that will instruct and entertain regardless of your situation. It covers almost every aspect of chess imaginable – from the rules to chess history, from puzzles to famous games, and even some tips for improvement and how to motivate yourself. Especially powerful is the testimony from prisoners. It is a smorgasbord of chess, seen from an unusual angle.

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New Puzzle Statistics Module

LearningChess introduced a new puzzle statistics module, which is accessible in the My Progress menu.

Of course, teachers can also closely follow the puzzle solutions submitted by their students in the Learning Management System.

Chess is 99% tactics” – said Richard Teichmann, 19th century German Grandmaster, and he was right – not literally but …

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We are happy to let you know that LearningChess is first on the ‘17 Best Online Chess Courses, Schools & Degrees’ list prepared by onlinecoursesreview.org in January 2018. We are glad that the work that we do is recognized in this review as well, and we are hoping to bring you many more interesting lessons and puzzles in the future.


We would also like to thank you all for enabling LearningChess to become one of the top organic search results in different search engines (e.g. ‘online chess course’ #1 in Google).

A tool for teachers to learn the rules of chess

Teachers usually do not know the rules of chess nowadays, at least not on a deep level. Read an instructive article from Ms. Shirmeena Faheem, Deputy Principal of the Ghiyasuddin International School, Malé, Maldives, how they successfully solved this problem during the last few years in a large scholastic chess project with 20+ teachers and 600+ students, in cooperation with LearningChess.

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