Haque Academy PAKISTAN

Haque Academy, Pakistan uses LearningChess for 2018. Countless students have been learning from the lessons and became better players by practicing with the puzzles. Let’s see which methods they are using in learning chess.

How LearningChess helped Vyom
in winning his first U-6 medal

Update (February 2020) Vyom is a FIDE rated player!
In January 2020 Vyom got 1146 FIDE rapid rating. He is 8.5 years old now.
His father, Prashant said: With the coach and study, his chess game is improving day by day.

Update (November 2017) More medals in the following tournaments
Vyom won two gold medals in his next tournaments in U7 Category. Please find more details below.

LearningChess lanseres i Norge

(LearningChess launched in Norway – English version >>)

Norske sjakkspillere har savnet et så omfattende læreverk på norsk som LearningChess tilbyr nå. Både nybegynnere og sterke klubbspillere kan har mye å lære fra prisvinnende og interaktive online leksjoner.

LearningChess er en verdensomspennende plattform for å lære og spille sjakk. Den norske versjonen er oversatt av WIM Sheila Barth Stanford som arbeider fulltid som sjakktrener. Hennes voksne og unge elever har testet ut LearningChess de siste månedene. Sheila har vært mesterspiller i flere tiår og er en aktiv turneringsspiller.


We opened our club 12 months ago, and during that short period, we already brought a lot of fun and happiness to the life of our students.

All the children enjoy the new way of learning chess online. It’s fun and easy to use, even at home. They love playing chess, and look so happy when they have been playing with the computer or others.

LogiQ Board received substantial international attention

LogiQ Board and our new handbook for parents and teachers, Board Buddies in LogiQ Land, written by Márk Szávin, received substantial international attention at the London Chess Conference on Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2019. The author presented his book on the ‘Teaching Numeracy with Chess’ section. You can download this presentation here:

Board Buddies in LogiQ Land
Developing STEM skills

>>> Jump to the Hungarian version (ugrás a magyar verzióra) >>>

We introduce the Board Buddies in LogiQ Land, our new handbook for parents and teachers written by Márk Szávin, our educational consultant at LearningChess.

With digital content

“Children of the Z and Alpha generations will face many new challenges in the future, and most of them will pursue careers that do not even exist today. The primary purpose of this book is to introduce games and exercises that develop creative thinking and thus enable children to tackle and solve unexpected, complex problems confidently.” – says Márk.


Welcome to LearningChess Free for Schools Program info page for the 2019/20 school year.

More than 50.000 children studied worldwide with LearningChess for free in our different scholastic programs in the last years.

We gladly inform you that LearningChess owners extend the ongoing charity program to the 2019/20 school year for underprivileged schools.

This year’s motto: “Helping people by charity is the most human thing we can do” – Oprah Winfrey


Bemutatkozik az országos Te-jössz! sakk-logika verseny 2019 győztese!  „Hol volt, hol nem volt, az Óperenciás tengeren is túl, volt egy osztály. Egy osztály, amelyik okos, csak egy kicsit bolondos.„ Az elmúlt két évben számos videonk kezdődött így. Meséltünk a barátságról, a pénzről, az internetről. Mese közben jobban megismertük egymást, egyre


Early beta-test registration is closed

We start rolling out new features and several new solutions under LearningChess 2 in 2019. We’re really excited to be launching the first module, the new learning interface which replaces the good old Adobe Flash shortly. So, we are looking for beta-testers, whose task is to learn chess 🙂 and report us the bugs, if any. The beta test starts on May 31, 2019, and it lasts for two weeks.


In the last ten years, we were continuously looking for a way to improve our services and aimed to provide better and better solutions for our students, coaches, and schools.

Throughout this year our team has been relentlessly working on a major upgrade, and we are pleased to announce that we will start rolling out new features and several new solutions under LearningChess 2 in 2019. We have not only modernized the development stack, but we are also releasing two long-awaited solutions.

Update: the open beta-test started on 30 June, 2019

Thanks to all of our subscribers for waiting patiently to the LearningChess 2 upgrade. We granted 2-month subscription to subscribers with expired licenses. We extended the license with 3-month to subscribers with valid licenses. Enjoy Learning Chess 2!