LearningChess introduced the new Play Menu, which gives a lot of new possibilities at playing chess. You can play different chess variants, practice giving mate, and play chess minigames. Needless to say that all of these are for free and even without registration. The different chess variants, such as Loser’s


Welcome to LearningChess Free for Schools Program info page for the 2021/22 school year.

More than 85.000 children studied worldwide with LearningChess for free in our different scholastic programs in the last years.

We understand that our program is becoming increasingly important during the coronavirus pandemic. We gladly inform you that LearningChess owners extend the ongoing charity program to the 2021/22 school year for underprivileged schools.

This year’s motto: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

Partnership with the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in chess coach training

Chess is one of the fastest-spreading sports in Sri Lanka. Seeing the massive demand for well-trained chess coaches in the future, The Sri Lanka Foundation Institute and LearningChess entered into a cooperation agreement. The goal of the cooperation is to create a world-quality education opportunity for applicants seeking a chess-coaching

Chess for Educators: How to Organize and Promote a Meaningful Chess Teaching Program

New In Chess has published the book ‘Chess For Educators’. The author is psychologist and chess teacher Karel van Delft from The Netherlands. Please, check for sample pages. The book is about didactics, organizing chess activities, the role of parents, special needs groups, and scientific research on the benefits


We launched the long-awaited LearningChess 2 webpage on March 1, 2021. We are sure that you will like the fresh colors, the nice pictures, and the 100% mobile-friendly design. All the LearningChess functions and lessons you are already familiar with…

The new main page of LearningChess 2


Introduction to the new Unlock Courses pageThe new LearningChess 2 website got an improved, easy-to-use payment solution on the Unlock Courses page. You only have to select the course or courses you want to buy, then click/tap on the Pay Now button, and you will be redirected to PayPal that

New Learning Chess Student and Teacher books in Sinhala language

From Mr. Shamin Dulal Achinthaka De Moraes, Nigel Short Chess Academy, Sri Lanka, LearningChess distributor and Editor of the books. In the modern world, various countries using chess as an educational tool. World Chess Federation (FIDE) also has a special commission to promote chess in education. Chess has numerous benefits

Chess and Technology
Online Conference
5-6 December 2020

You can watch our presentation below: Make a difference in learning chess – set up a large scale online educational project in 30 minutes. LearningChess regularly attends the London Chess Conference since 2014. We introduce our new developments and results each year, and the conference is also a great opportunity

Our connection to the “Critical thinking” chess movie

UPDATE: Our blog entry from 2015 received special actuality today. The People Magazine called us a few weeks ago that they would like to use one of our earlier blog post photos in their article about John Leguizamo’s Critical Thinking movie, which tells a real life tale about teens of color achieving against the odds. It turns out that the movie is about our partner teacher, Mr. Mario Martinez.

Introducing our new distributor from Sri Lanka, Nigel Short Chess Academy

Mr. Shamin Dulal Achinthaka De Moraes from Nigel Short Chess Academy and LearningChess signed a distributor agreement for Sri Lanka. The goals of the cooperation: Introducing  LearningChess to International and Private Schools. Awareness programs to school children and teachers (and also for parents if possible). Conducting Teacher Training programs on

Active opening repertoire
The new course has arrived

Based on our users’ request, we developed a new opening course for beginners, and online players, called “Active opening repertoire“. We still recommend that first, you learn the logic behind chess and the basic moves from our Beginner course, before mastering any openings. Moreover, a solid middlegame and endgame knowledge are also essential, which you can learn from the Intermediate and Advanced courses.

However, if you want to become a successful player in today’s computerized chess world, you also need to put emphasis on your opening strategy. That is why we launched the “Active opening repertoire” in September 2020.