Chess and Technology
Online Conference
5-6 December 2020

You can watch our presentation below: Make a difference in learning chess – set up a large scale online educational project in 30 minutes.

LearningChess regularly attends the London Chess Conference since 2014. We introduce our new developments and results each year, and the conference is also a great opportunity to meet our existing and new customers in London.

This year everything has changed…

…the conference had to move online. Presentations on Zoom or other platforms need a different approach. That is why we decided to choose an extraordinary topic:

Make a difference in learning chess – set up a large scale online educational project in 30 minutes

Based on the experience of numerous nationwide club and scholastic chess projects, our founder, Janos Pallagi explained how a large-scale, online education project can start with lightning speed.

We also presented our new and exciting developments in chess and technology.

In the presentation:

  • Janos explained the main challenges of planning and setting up a large-scale online educational project.
  • Take a look at our unique Central Management system in action, which is the key component of our nationwide and school district projects.
  • Experience the ease of managing teachers and students in a large-scale system.
  • Find and export teachers’ and students’ performance statistics from the system.
  • Study and rank thousands of students in your chess clubs and schools using LearningChess.
The key component of our nationwide and school district projects.


Please contact us with any questions in connection with LearningChess in our online kiosk during the conference. Please give us your email, name and the time frame (in GMT) when you are available for a Zoom conversation. We will send you the Zoom meeting link soon. Thank you!

Let us give you a brief introduction to LearningChess, until then:

The development of the LearningChess online chess education system started in Hungary 11 years ago, in collaboration with the Hungarian Chess Federation. After significant improvements in the framework and lessons, the English language version was launched in September 2014. LearningChess became one of the most popular online chess education platforms worldwide (Google organic search result for ‘learn chess’: 1st-3rd place) in a mere two years after its birth. LearningChess is currently available in UK/US English, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian and Hungarian languages.

LearningChess has many clubs and scholastic chess references worldwide. The online curriculum can be used as supplementary material for an existing, traditional chess curriculum or a complete solution for school teachers and coaches in normal or flipped classrooms. LearningChess is also a great teacher training tool.

The LearningChess learning interface.

The main strengths of the system are the playful but extensive interactive lessons (developed by a Hungarian chess expert team led by GM József Pintér), and the comprehensive Learning Management possibilities. With the Central Learning Management System, Chess Federations, school districts, or larger chess schools can centrally manage their schools, subsidiaries, and students.

The LearningChess team usually collaborates with a local partner in every country, such as chess federations, chess academies, chess schools, and educational organizations.

We started developing our enhanced and improved product ‘LearningChess 2’ in 2019, and we aim to complete it by the first quarter of 2021. The last module is the new mobile-friendly website.

The LearningChess 2 website is coming in Q1/2021.

In 2020 we introduced the Active Opening Repertoire course. This course has quickly become popular as it has an innovative new approach to learning openings. We simply call it “less pain, more fun”.

In 2021, we will further develop our playing module and build online teaching, and peer-to-peer playing features to our popular LogiQ Board program.

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