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Has Been Renewed

Nouvelle version de LearningChess en français

We are excited to announce that Mr. Sylvain Ravot, FIDE Master and chess teacher, and LearningChess have signed a cooperation agreement. The aim of the cooperation is to further develop the LearningChess online chess education system, and make it available to students and chess fans in their native language in France and other francophone countries.

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Unique opportunity for our registered users!
Win a year’s subscription by solving puzzles and gathering badges. This is a great opportunity if you are already learning chess with us: you will receive an extra year’s subscription for free. Chess fans new to LearningChess can benefit too: use our Tactics Trainer and win a year’s subscription.
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Introducing Dr. Judit Sztaray, Organizer of the Year Award Winner 2017

US Chess announced the 2017 award winners, as confirmed by the Executive Board at the meeting held from June 3-4 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 20 award winners will be recognized out at the annual luncheon on Saturday, August 5th, during the 2017 US Open in Norfolk, Virginia (July 29-August 6th).

Dr. Judit Sztaray, Executive Director at BayAreaChess (BAC) won the Organizer of the Year Award 2017.  Congratulations!

Madrid Chess Conference 2017 with more than 100 participants

Luis Blasco De La Cruz, the chairman of the Madrid Chess Academy hosted the biggest scholastic chess conference in Madrid. The event was held between 23-25 June, 2017.  In spite of the extremely hot weather, more than 100 participants joined the conference. The participants included recognized lecturers such as Pep Suarez (Spanish Chess Federation), Kevin O’Connell (FIDE Scholastic Chess), Martin Huba (ECU), Alessandro Dominici (Castle Project), and Janos Pallagi (LearningChess).

45+ free lessons by GM Jozsef Pinter in the summer of 2017

Summer vacation is coming, and we hope that you will have a lot of free time to do what you enjoy. To celebrate the end of the school year we decided to grant free access to everyone to our very popular short lessons by GM Jozsef PinterSign up for free to LearningChess and try the interactive grandmaster lessons now.


The new LearningChess Tactics Trainer was introduced in 2016. Our goal was to create a puzzle system with special didactic features that you cannot find in any other online chess learning site.

We are making our Tactics Trainer widely available by offering unlimited mixed puzzles to all chess fans for free.

Now, at the request of our users, we would like to explain what makes our Tactics Trainer unique in the world.

Internet’s best chess resources

The Internet has changed the way people learn and play chess. Grandmasters used to prepare against each other by requesting score sheets to be sent using snail mail and now we have free databases with millions of games available to us at any time. Chess engines have completely changed the way we analyse games and finding guides and books online is easier than ever. With so many resources available there is also an overload of possibilities and it’s often hard to find the right ones for oneself.



7 MEN - NEW BOOK FROM GM JOZSEF PINTER - COVERAfter the publication of the six volumes of my endings book series, the 7-piece endgames database of the Lomonosov University became available. This is basically a program which determines if the position leads to a draw or can be won by either side – with 100% certainty. Some examples taken in my previous books have been proven wrong, that is why I have decided to write this book in which I deal with and analyze the most well-known 7- piece positions, paying particular attention to rook endgames as they occur very often in tournament games. I have tried to select and examine a few examples for each type of endgame and by doing so I hope I will be able to help my readers to gain insight into the mysteries of endgames.

GM Jozsef Pinter, Author and Head coach at LearningChess

Where the grandmasters are born

Do you know what the young Magnus Carlsen, Hou Yifan, Fabio Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura had in common? All of these chess prodigies fought for the GM norms in the famous ‘First Saturday’ chess tournaments. Let’s see some unique photos and results from the First Saturday tournament archive.

Hou Yifan - First Saturday - LearningChessMagnus Carlsen - First Saturday - LearningChessHikaru Nakamura - First Saturday - LearningChess