Is it True that Chess Makes Kids Smarter?

To my greatest pleasure, teaching chess in kindergartens and schools is more and more widespread, still, a lot of people ask this question. Let’s see what the truth may be.

SmartGirlPlayingChessWhen we worked out our online chess tutor we thoroughly analyzed this problem and studied the relevant scientific research papers, which are already available for everyone on the Internet, fortunately.  Now, I would like to summarize these methodologically and make them clearer through examples.  I do hope that after reading this blog entry even more people will take a liking to teaching – and of course, learning – chess.

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The Illustrated History of Chess 1 – Origin and Early Times

I still remember that the first time I played chess with my father, he told me the famous legend about the origins of chess. The tale was about an Indian wise man, who, after showing his new game to the Emperor was granted a single wish. What he wished for, was quite interesting. A single grain of wheat on the first square of the board, two on the second, four on the third, and so on, with each square having two times as many grains of wheat as the previous one. Of course, as those familiar with this Math problem already know, the Emperor could not follow through on his promise. There simply wasn’t that much wheat in the world.

Wheat and chessboard problem

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