LearningChess introduced a new achievement system, where users can collect badges by solving puzzles and lessons.  It is available in US-, UK-English, French, Spanish, Czech and Slovak languages.


At the request of our users, we recently introduced the first version of our new achievement system. The goal of the new system is to motivate our students to spend more time learning chess.

Currently, you can get different badges for solving puzzles on different tactics, or solving a specific number of puzzles, but in some cases time is also an important factor.

Other badges will be added continuously, and we encourage our users to suggest any new goal that they think is a badge worthy achievement.

The badges you achieve appear first at the end of the puzzles in the Tactics Trainer. The badge turns if you click on it, and you can see the description why you got it.

You can overview your achievements and next goals in the My Progress menu, under My Achievements. Click on the achievement to see these info.

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  1. mgl

    December 20, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Good and Wonderful

    Good and Wonderful
    Good definition
    This is very very excellent move


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