Gift Certificate Activation

If you are here, most probably you got a LearningChess Gift Certificate, and you want to activate it.

You have one year from the purchase to activate your gift with the few easy steps below.

Step 1 - Sign up for free to LearningChess with a valid email. (Click on the Free Sign Up text at the upper-right corner.)

Step 2 - Navigate to the Unlock Courses page. (Click on the Unlock Courses text at the top of the page.)

Step 3 - Select Home Study. (Click on the red 5-99 icon.)

Select your interest - LearningChess Gift Certificate

Step 4 - Scroll down on the new page until you can see the YOUR BONUS CODE text.

Submit activation code - LearningChess Gift Certificate

Step 5 – Type your Activation Code into that field then click Submit, and you are done.

Enjoy LearningChess with your new subscription to the cours(es) you can see on the certificate.

You have 100% money back guarantee based on the LearningChess Terms of Use. We can make the refund only to the buyer.